At last the Hands of Kindness Children’s Center is completed and 70 orphans and vulnerable children have a beautiful, place to live. The dormitory features indoor plumbing with toilets and showers, a definite first for these children! What a wonderful thing for them to have water, something we take for granted, but they greatly appreciate! Each child is thrilled to have their own bed instead of sleeping on a mat on the ground!

     The children are lovingly cared for by Pastor Michael Okwakol and his wife Cossy who also provide religious education and life skills training. It is amazing to see the beautiful crafts the children have learned to make which will be very helpful for them. What a blessing for these children to have such wonderful Christian house grandparents! They are committed to helping the children become faithful Christians and realizing their dreams for the future! We are grateful for our partnership with them through African Church Empowerment Ministries.

     Pastor Michael reports that the children were so excited when they moved into the new dormitory that it was so heartwarming to see them! They could hardly believe it!   It is thanks to people like you, who supported the water project last year, and the dedicated sponsors for the children, many generous donors, several churches and local businesses that contributed through various fundraisers that have made this dream a reality for the children! The dormitory holds 112 children and there is a long list of children waiting for sponsors. You may not realize the life changing impact you can have on a child living in extreme poverty, but it is true!  Please visit if you would like to be a blessing to a child and become a sponsor!