Our ministry exists to impact the lives of children in Uganda. Currently, we have focused our ministry on two villages – Koreng & Apac. Through child sponsorship, we offer children a chance to thrive as we provide things like school uniforms, school supplies, clothing, medical treatment, and other basic needs. Over the last several years, we have witnessed the impact of this program as we visit with and monitor the children in our care. We are witnessing a village being impacted by your support. We encourage you to get in touch with us concerning child sponsorship (or any form of support).


Our organization offers a variety of life-changing programs. Through annual trips and ongoing communication/interaction with the staff in Uganda, Hands of Kindness knows what is happening in the field and we are super excited about the work!

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Poem shared by the children of Uganda
to the leaders/volunteers of Hands of Kindness

Hands of Kindness, Hands of Kindness
The hands that come from kind hearts
To enrich their friends and the needy
All the way from thousands of miles
To us in this community

Hands of Kindness
Who can pay them?
No one can do it
Except for the Almighty God
Who reads everyone’s heart

Hands of Kindness
You make the young and old gain hope
That they had already lost
They pray for you day and night
For God to put back everything you removed
From your pockets, banks, and your businesses
May you continue with your kindness
And put us in your hearts
Forever and ever