While we completed construction of our Children’s Center and a well in 2018, our focus is now on construction of a medical clinic. Access to healthcare is a critical need in Koreng as the nearest medical facility is sixteen miles away in Kumi. The people of Koreng’s primary means of transportation are by foot, and some have bicycles. Most women give birth to their babies in huts so having a medical clinic in their area will reduce infections and complications associated with the birthing process. It will be a huge blessing to the whole community!

Hands of Kindness Children’s Ministry provides medical care when we bring a team of volunteers to Koreng but due to Covid, we have not been able to provide vision and medical services the past two years. We have raised enough funds to build the medical facility, and now we are currently fundraising to furnish and equip it. Please visit our golf tournament page to learn more about our current fundraising efforts, and our Give page if you would like to donate.

We have also been able to construct a number of desks for the children as well. Most classrooms have the children sitting around the walls – with no desks for them to work on. Our team has constructed lots of desks for a school in Apac (in the northern region of Uganda) and now some in Koreng as well. These seemingly simple gifts mean a great deal to the kids as they strive to stay in school and improve their lives.

We look forward to our future construction projects in Koreng!

If you are talented in construction (or just good at holding supplies), pray about how God might use those skills in Uganda. Our ministry depends on gifted individuals sharing their talents on the field. We will put you to use and God will get all of the glory! Construction projects will always be a key part of our time in Uganda as long as God provides us talented individuals for those projects!