Did you grow up enjoying summer Vacation Bible School programs? Are you a volunteer in your church’s VBS program each year? Whether you grew up in a VBS program or became a fan as an adult of this ministry, we need YOU in our ministry in Uganda. Sure the format is a little different, but the goal is the same – to love children and to share the love of Christ in creative ways. Each year we prioritize storytelling through the Bible, fun games, and simple crafts. One year we shared a coloring book with the kids that one of our team members created from scratch! The kids loved it and it was extremely gratifying for our team member!

Consider being a member of our team as a VBS Kids VOLUNTEER.

  • Love the kids through spending time with them each day.
  • Prepare and share a lesson that will be translated into the local language.
  • Play games with the kids – something they love to do for hours.
  • Share crafts or paint faces.
  • Be our “hands of kindness” with the kids.

Hands of Kindness was started as a children’s ministry and we want to keep that at the forefront of what we are doing. To do that, we need YOUR help as you serve in Uganda with our teams.


Beginning several years ago, Pastor Training became a focus of each of our visits to Uganda. We have been able to provide pastors and leaders from the States who come alongside the pastors in Uganda to provide encouragement and training. The pastors and leaders serving in Uganda are deeply committed to serving the Lord and hungry to study God’s Word. What we are able to provide is encouragement, support, and new skills that these God-called servants can immediately put into practice.

The topics at the Pastor Training have varied from a simple method of studying and teaching through the Gospel of John, discipleship and the life of the Pastor, a method for teaching discipleship in the local church called “Revolutionary Discipleship,” and we will study the Gospel of Mark together in an upcoming training. 

We are committed to equipping the pastors and leaders of Uganda for the work of Ministry (Eph. 4). As God gives us leaders who can equip those in Uganda, we will endeavor to make pastor training a key priority in our time in Uganda each year.