by Kathie Burgess, Ministry Director

It was back in 2006 on a mission trip to Africa that I visited an orphanage out in the bush (a remote uncultivated area). I visited with 54 children living in a large one room building with no beds and in dire need of a roof, which our team provided. They had one woman who cared for the children with the help of the older caring for the younger ones.

The children were beautiful, happy, and they provided a worship service which was so impressive. A young teen gave the message and each child got up and recited a scripture they had memorized. It was a beautiful, memorable experience and one that touched me deeply. As I left the orphanage, I prayed that God would use me to help children in Africa struggling from extreme poverty, especially those who had no one to love or care for them. It was on my way back from the orphanage that I wrote this poem which has been so meaningful to me and changed my mission in life. The Lord is so faithful and He answered my prayer when together with our Ugandan partner, Pastor Michael Okwakol, we started Hands of Kindness Children’s Ministry.

Lost In My Comfort

Do I wonder as I live in my own little world in the land of the wealthy and free?
Why there is poverty, hunger and thirst in this world and do I think that it doesn’t affect me?
Can I turn away from the eyes of a starving child and pretend that I just don’t see?
Or see a village without water, the most basic of needs and simply ignore their plea?
Am I so lost in my comfort with all my material things?
Are my eyes too blind to see?
Is my heart self-centered and cold, that I’ve turned away from God?
Do I only care about me?

Lord forgive my indifference and my selfish ways. Open my eyes that I may see. For in loving your children around the world is the way to truly be free.
The greatest commandment is to love one another and you promised this to be true. For whatsoever we do to the least of our brothers that we do unto you.

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