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“Lights On” Solar Power Project

09 September, 2016Posted In : Uncategorized

When the sun goes down in rural Uganda, a darkness sweeps over the landscape unlike anything you hav READ MORE

HOK Uganda Trip 2016

03 April, 2015Posted In : News

Seeing the smiling faces of the children and adults of Koreng, Uganda is the greatest blessing of al READ MORE

Uganda 2016 Trip Video

03 April, 2015Posted In : News

  • Donation Holders say Read Below

    Seeing the impact of Hands of Kindness in the communities of Uganda has been a powerful reminder of a small group doing big things. The thought kept coming to mind – if I don’t do something, who will? I’m grateful to have partnered with HOK to impact the lives of children and adults in the rural communities of Uganda.

    HOK Board Member (HOKCM Board)