African Church Empowerment Ministries

African Church Empowerment Ministries (ACEM) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Uganda which supports and compliments the development of leadership and organizational abilities of the African Church. ACEM was founded by Rev. Dr. Michael Okwakol in 2004, with a vision to empower the church and empower the community. While serving in various capacities of leadership, traveling, and interacting with other leaders continentally, Dr. Okwakol perceived that Africa’s great spiritual potential is being blocked by the scarcity of educated, trained and equipped church leaders, a weak church organization, and communities that are riddled with socio-economic and socio-ethical challenges. These are communities where poverty, ignorance, and disease are alive and well. The ability for such communities to support the church and later the church to minister to them is a foregone conclusion. Dr. Okwakol a saw a need to start a ministry to empower the church and to empower the community. The strength and stability of the church in the community and the place and condition of children in these communities is of great concern thus the founding of African Church Empowerment Ministries.

Rev. Dr. Michael Okwakol – Founder and President

Dr. Okwakol is the Senior Pastor of Agape Baptist Church, President All Africa Baptist Fellowship and Chairman of various boards and member many other committees. Dr. Okwakol is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Seminary, in Wake Forest, NC where he obtained both undergraduate and graduate degrees. He and his wife Cossy have five children and now live in Uganda with a burden to train leaders, disciple Christians and help children and young people have a better life and know God. It was while in seminary that the vision of African Church Empowerment Ministries was born as a way forward after seminary and in returning to Uganda.

Mis Martha Akia Okwakol – Executive Director/Program Manager Child Sponsorship

Ms. Martha holds a B.A Biblical Studies from Southeastern Baptist Seminary, Wake Forest, NC and a Masters of Divinity (Christian Education) of Southern Baptist Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. Martha returned home as she saw the need to promote the ministry of African Church Empowerment. Martha runs the child sponsorship program where the ministry, in partnership with Hands of Kindness Children’s Ministry, is making every effort to empower needy and disadvantaged children to grow mentally, spiritually, socially, practically and healthy.

Mrs. Lillian Okwakol Okot – Program Manager, Higher and Vocational Education Scholarships

Mrs. Okot is a graduate of Uganda Christian University with a B.S. Degree in Information Technology. Mrs. Okot runs the High school, Vocational and University scholarship program. In partnership with Embrace Uganda, the program seeks to empower needy and disadvantaged young men and women to attaining High school education and to empower those who cannot continue with academic education with the alternative of vocational training.


Ministry Vision

A strong and stable church and a strong and stable community

Ministry Mission

To empower the church through discipleship and leadership development programs, and to empower the community through promotion of programs that meet the basic human needs of food, shelter, health, and education

Ministry Philosophy

Our ministry philosophy is that in all we do we are to be guided by biblical convictions and biblical conclusions. Biblical ministry to us is reaching the lost, equipping the saints, exalting the Savior and ministering to the human needs of the people. Reaching the lost is the foundational reason why any ministry should exist. Reaching the lost is what made Christ empty Himself, took a form of a servant and died on the cross that He may reconcile man to God and to fellow man. Our joy is for God to use the ministry to bring someone to the saving power of God.

Biblical ministry to us is equipping the saints for the work of ministry through discipleship and leadership development. The work of ministry is not a one-man enterprise. It takes all the saints. But the saints have to be equipped to do ministry. This is the developing of the individual Christian to the level of product ability. For Christ is the Vine, the Saints are the branches and the fruit is Christ’s expectation. The better equipped the saints are the better the results.

Biblical ministry to us is not forsaking the habit of meeting together, but all the more, to encourage one another to be part of a fellowship as we see the day appearing. This is the Saints meeting together to exalt the savior and to edify one another.
Biblical ministry to us is reaching out to a neighbor in need of a helping hand: faith with works. As Christians we have a civic and social responsibility to pray, support and obey and work with our government. We are available to partner with government where we share concerns and where we see best to fit our convictions, skills, and experience or any area where leadership and social influence is needed.


  • To strengthen churches in their effort to preach the Good News of Jesus
  • To provide training and such assistance to pastors and church leaders
  • To be a channel of expressing Christian social concern and alleviating human need.
  • To produce and distribute the needed Christian literature

Church Empowerment

To Exalt Christ through meaningful Worship as our lifestyle, Equip the Saints through Bible Teaching & Discipleship, & Reach the Lost through Evangelism.

Dr. Dirk and Paige Hamp founded embrace Uganda in 2007 after their adoption of a seven-year-old orphan girl from the western village of Kaihura, Uganda. Visiting the country and witnessing the need for medical care, clean water supplies and funding needs for orphaned school children, Embrace Uganda was created to encourage and empower a generation of orphans one village at a time!

Embrace Uganda GOALS
To create long term partnerships with selected Ugandan communities that go deeper rather than wider.
The ultimate goal is to create self-sufficiency for the communities but this will take generations to accomplish as the needs are so overwhelming.
Empower orphans and vulnerable children in targeted communities by providing educational opportunities, thereby increasing their ability to support themselves and meaningfully contribute back to their communities.

Embrace Uganda OBJECTIVES
Provide quality health care for orphans and vulnerable children.
Facilitate meaningful and enduring relationships with Ugandan orphans and vulnerable children in targeted communities.
Partner with or otherwise assist Ugandan community development organizations to accomplish mutual goals.
Provide material and human capital for the creation of sustainable economic development in targeted communities.

Embrace Uganda WATER
Embrace Uganda seeks to drill and maintain deep water wells. Many illnesses are water born and deep water wells provide clean water to communities. We partner with local communities to provide clean drinking water.

Embrace Uganda seeks to enable students to receive an education, by providing for high school and college equivalent education costs including school tuition, uniform, room, and board.

Embrace Uganda seeks to provide funding to the Hope Again Medical Center for its operating expenses, as well as support medical outreach clinics that go into our partner communities.

Our organization exists to impact lives in Uganda. Our primary focus is on children’s ministry (sponsorship, medical care, education, etc). Learn more about our organization as you browse through this site.

Uganda, Africa. Grace Baptist has been committed to making disciples of our brothers and sisters in Uganda, Africa for over 12 years. We have sponsored church plants there, and taken mission trips where we lead training seminars and conferences for local churches, pastors, and seminaries..

Treasure in Clay is a ministry with a heart to build the Kingdom of God.  It is our desire to partner with the body of Christ worldwide to strengthen, encourage, establish and equip the saints in order to both bless and change the world in our generation.  

What a wondrous day we live in.  In Biblical terms, it is the acceptable and favorable year of the Lord.  Never in history has there been a more opportune time to reach the nations of the world.  Where evil abounds, grace does more abound…and it creates hunger.  It is a day to not only experience the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, but to take it to the four corners of the world.

Our ministry is not only dedicated to equipping the body of Christ worldwide, we endeavor to lift up the needs of those who cannot speak for themselves.  We desire to speak hope into hopeless situations and breathe new life into those suffering persecution because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Church and Leadership Empowerment

Eastern College of Theology and Vocational Training School Development

Pastor Support

Child Sponsorship