Vision Care

Would it be possible for a team of volunteers to be trained enough to do a vision clinic in a third world country? That might seem like an impossible goal – but that is exactly what our ministry has been able to do for several years. In a partnership with an upstate eye care center, our team members have been able to receive training with vision professionals so that the team is equipped to provide basic vision care for those in the villages of Uganda.

Uganda2014 - Kathie BurgessLed by our ministry director, Kathie Burgess, this team has seen hundreds and hundreds of individuals over the past few years. During our 2014 & 2016 trips, we saw several come to know Christ as a result of this act of serving. Praise God!

Much of what we are able to provide the people are reading glasses – but we have also been able to fit many people with prescription lenses that radically changed their sight! One such woman could not even see our team members as she arrived. She left with a smile as she watched one of our team members swinging her arms in the air to determine if this precious lady could see. Examples like this remind us how the simple gift of glasses can truly be a life-changing gift. Some who had long ago given up reading God’s Word can once again study the life-changing truths of Scripture.

We are always in need of funds to provide glasses to the villages. If you would like to donate, please contact our Director. Her number is at the top of the HOME PAGE. 100% of your gifts will go toward purchasing eyeglasses for those in the villages.