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Beginning several years ago, Pastor Training became a component of each of our visits to Uganda. We have been able to provide pastors and leaders from the States who come alongside the pastors in Uganda to provide encouragement and training. The pastors and leaders serving in Uganda are incredibly bright and they are committed to serving the Lord. What we are able to provide is encouragement, support, and new skills that these God-called servants can employ. We can provide the latest insights into leadership, church ministry, and biblical teaching methods.

In 2013, the focus of the PastorTraining was on the Gospel of John. Pastor Michael Hodge of Berea First Baptist Church in Greenville, SC taught the pastors a series called “LifeLight”. Using a cloth sheet filled with images, Michael taught the pastors a simple methodology for teaching the entire Gospel of John using images – and the relevance of each story to the church. When we returned in 2014, the pastors were still talking about this training. That alone helps you to see how bright these guys are – they received the message and remembered it!

In 2014, the focus of the Pastor Training was on discipleship and the life of the Pastor. Together with Dr. Michael Okwakol, Michael Hodge returned to lead the training. For the first two days, the emphasis was on the life of the pastor and personal revival. Then, the series concluded with the call of the pastor to disciple. Dr. Okwakol taught on the role of the pastor as preacher.

We are committed to equipping the pastors and leaders of Uganda for the work of Ministry (Eph. 4). As God gives us leaders who can equip those in Uganda, we will endeavor to make pastor training a key priority in our time in Uganda each year.
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