Help turn the lights on in Koreng, Uganda. 

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After the sun goes down, there are 1.2 billion people living in total darkness. It is hard for many of us to imagine that there are still billions of people who have to use fire or kerosene or candles to navigate in the night. According to one ministry focused on providing solar lighting, 40% of the childhood deaths in Kenya are related to respiratory disease and major contributors to this problem is the absence of clean energy options for cooking food and lighting homes. It’s clear that something as simple as solar power is truly a life-changing resource.

As a ministry, we are not able to impact all 1.2 billion people living in darkness. Instead, we can begin with one dorm and one community. This project will light the Hands of Kindness dormitory with solar energy. This dormitory will one day house up to 120 kids. This residence will provide a bed for children to sleep on, Christian leaders who will assist with school tutoring and Christ-centered mentoring, and a place where these children will be cared for on a daily basis. Our leaders will provide the spiritual light found in Christ as they serve under the solar light of the dorm!
Having solar energy will radically impact their ability to study and succeed. 

Will you help TURN the lights on?

Each room can be outfitted with solar power/lighting for $600.
We believe that we will turn the “Lights On” in the dorm in 2017. Will you help us do that?