“Lights On” Solar Power Project

When the sun goes down in rural Uganda, a darkness sweeps over the landscape unlike anything you have likely experienced. There are no street lamps scattered across the landscape. There are no light switches or lamps to offer a few more hours of light. In that darkness, the chance of studying for another day of schoolwork is an impossibility.

Talk to the children and you will meet one child after another far behind in their schooling. Older children who you would expect to be talking about middle school adjustments are instead discussing the challenges of learning to read. Tweens are still in the elementary level grades. Without an education, they will never rise above their challenging situation.

Recognizing the many challenges in the community, our ministry sought to construct a dormitory where children will have a safe place to rest. They will have adults surrounding them who are concerned with their success. And now we are seeking the funding to light up this dorm with solar power so that studies can continue after the darkness sweeps over the land. Let’s turn the “Lights On” in Koreng, Uganda.

The cost of powering one room is around $600. We have 11 rooms in which we want to turn the “Lights On”. Through T-Shirt sales, other fundraising projects, and kind donations, we hope that this dorm will be fully powered by Spring 2017.

If you would like to support this project, follow this link to give any amount. Your support is greatly appreciated (and it’s tax-deductible too!). https://handsofkindnesschildren.com/lights-on/


HOK Uganda Trip 2016

Seeing the smiling faces of the children and adults of Koreng, Uganda is the greatest blessing of all! Each year our ministry returns to encourage, equip, and expand the programs and ministries that are directly impacting the lives of those in Uganda. Our team of 12 had the real honor of standing on the ground of the communities we reach into on a daily basis.

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This is the blog address where you will find the latest updates while our teams are serving in Uganda. Our 2014 team is scheduled to be in Uganda from July 15-27, 2014. Thank you in advance for your prayers that will sustain this team as they serve.

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