The Hands of Kindness Board of Directors

meeting_03-150p-01At the outset of HOKCM, Director Kathie Burgess invited a team of individuals to join her in carrying out the ministry of HOKCM. More than just the ministry of one person, she set out to include others for the purpose of accountability and to have others enjoy the blessings of the ministry.

The Hands of Kindness Board of Directors serves to facilitate and make decisions related to HOKCM’s mission. Alongside the Ministry Director, they provide a level of interaction and decision making that ensures that every event and ministry maintains the original purpose of HOKCM. As part of the Board’s role, they review and approve items such as annual budget proposals, new country ministry opportunities, and building projects.

Our HOKCM  Board members join the Board through invitation and interview. They are approved by the existing board members and serve on a rotational basis. Board members can be asked and are eligible for consecutive terms if they are willing to do so. The officers are elected by the existing board members and can serve consecutive terms.

Pray for our HOKCM Board as they seek to lighten the load on our Ministry Director.

Board Chair
Michael Hodge – 2016
Michael is the Associate Pastor of Berea First Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. Michael has served alongside Steve and Kathie on volunteer trips all over the world. He joined our board several years ago and has a heart for the pastors and people of Uganda. 

Steven Kelly – 2016
Steven has extensive experience in the area of finances. Not only is his education in that area but he also serves our organization and his own church in helping with finances. He traveled to Uganda in 2014 and was deeply moved by the ministry.

Secretary – 2016
Steve Burgess
Steve is the husband of our Ministry Director. Steve works with AFLAC all over the upstate of SC. He has traveled with us each year to Uganda and shares the same love for the people of Uganda as our director.

Additional Board Members
Jan Brown
Darrell Reese
Alice Peace