Discover Child Sponsorship

There are lots of options out there for sponsoring children in other countries.

Why should you choose a small organization like Hands of Kindness for giving your sponsorship donations?

Why is our small ministry model making a difference?

Those are important questions as you consider child sponsorship. We respect and appreciate the work of child sponsorship programs. In fact, some of our board members participate in child sponsorship with the largest international organizations. However, we want you to know that choosing child sponsorship with HOKCM is definitely good stewardship with the funds God has given you!

Did you know that most of the world lives on less than $2 per day? That’s rather startling when you consider the cost of living in the United States and the demands of kids! Most kids are living on less than the cost of a stop at the convenience store for a drink! So how can you make a difference? Through monthly gifts, prayer and letter writing, sponsors invest in the lives of children living in extreme poverty. You will make a life-changing difference in a child’s life and change their lives forever! They will have opportunities never before available because of your generosity and kindness.

Our small ministry model means that the kids under our care are not dropping through the cracks. We are currently focused on two primary areas in Uganda – Koreng and Apac. The vast majority of our kids are Koreng children and we have great workers who are there making sure that our kids are cared for and loved. We also visit this site annually to make sure that the kids are excelling and receiving attention. We are in regular communication with our in-country leaders to make sure that kids are receiving the sponsor care. That’s the great advantage of our small ministry approach. We are not spread out over the world – we are focused on Uganda.

For our children in Koreng, we are currently constructing a “Children’s Center” where our sponsor children will receive educational encouragement through tutoring, medical attention through basic medical clinics, and a place where they will be loved and cared for. Our children have homes where they live, but many are living with relatives and are therefore stacked in with lots of other kids. Our Children’s Center will allow them a place where they can come throughout the week to receive attention, love, and encouragement so that they (1) know the love of Christ and (2) have a chance to excel in their own personal growth. We want to see these kids rise above the average of dropping out and living in a cycle of poverty.

Sponsor a child today and help break the cycle of poverty! For just $39.85 a month, your child sponsorship helps provide:

  • Food for your child
  • Educational Supplies
  • Uniform for their school
  • Basic medical needs
  • Household goods

Child sponsorship is easy to set up and you will experience the blessing of connecting with Uganda:

  • You will discover how your sponsor child is now thriving in their community.
  • You will receive periodic photos to stay connected with your sponsor child.
  • You even have the opportunity to one day visit your sponsor child in Uganda.