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HOK - About Us Page - 5 Areas of MinistryOur story began and continues to be all about children! Several years ago the need was overwhelming in several of the remote communities of Uganda. When asked what could be done, the list was extensive and overwhelming. After much discussion, the first step was to address the need for child sponsorship. Though there are other much larger child sponsorship organizations, none of them were reaching out into the communities of Koreng and Apac, Uganda. Our organization stands in that gap to impact lives in Uganda. Since that first vision of impacting children’s lives began several years ago, our focus has remained on those same children. However, our opportunities continue to expand as a result of the amazing team members that have served in these communities with us. So while we are still committed to that first vision of child sponsorship, we are seeing so much more than that accomplished today. Through medical and vision clinics, construction projects, feeding sites, pastor training, and outreach into the communities, we are experiencing a real blessing in the growth of Hands of Kindness.

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Director – Kathie Burgess     Steve Burgess     One of our Mission Teams